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  1. The AIRES project - satellite imagery of Antarctica
Turner, J.; Lachlan-Cope, T.A.
In: NERC News, No. 28, 24-26
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  2. Analysis of synoptic-scale low pressure systems within the Antarctic Peninsula sector of the circumpolar trough
Turner, J.; Marshall, G.J.; Lachlan-Cope, T.A.
In: International Journal of Climatology, 18, No. 3, 253-280
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  3. Anomalous atmospheric circulation over the Weddell Sea, Antarctica during the austral summer of 2001/02 resulting in extreme sea ice conditions
Turner, J.; HARANGOZO, S.A.; Marshall, G.J.; King, J.C.; COLWELL, S.R.
In: Geophysical Research Letters, 29, No. 24, 2160, doi:10.1029/2002GL015565, 4pp
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  4. Antarctic and tropical interactions (2005)
Turner, J.
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  5. Antarctic climate (2002)
Turner, J.
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  6. Antarctic climate change - an assessment by the British Antarctic Survey
Morris, E.M.; King, J.; Turner, J.; Peel, D.A.; Doake, C.S.M.
In: The Globe, No. 36, 3
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Reserve a copy 7. Antarctic climate change and the environment : A contribution to the International Polar Year 2007-2008 (2009)
Turner, J.; Bindschadler, R.; Convey, P.; di Prisco, G.; Fahrbuch, E.; GUTT, J.; Hodgson, D.A.; Mayewski, P.A.; Summerhayes, C.P.
ISBN: 9780942877221
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  8. Antarctic climate change during the last 50 years
Turner, J.; COLWELL, S.R.; Marshall, G.J.; Lachlan-Cope, T.A.; CARELTON, A.M.; Jones, P.D.; LAGUN, V.; REID, P.A.; IAGOVKINA, S.
In: International Journal of Climatology, 25, No. 3, 279-294
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  9. Antarctic climate change over the twenty first century
BRACEGIRDLE, T.J.; Connolley, W.M.; Turner, J.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 113, No. D3, D03103, doi:10.1029/2007JD008933, 13p
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  10. The Antarctic First Regional Observing Study of the Troposphere (FROST) project
Turner, J.; Bromwich, D.H.; COLWELL, S.R.; LEONARD, S.
In: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 77, No. 9, 2007-2032
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  11. Antarctic meteorological observations on the GTS during the FROST project
COLWELL, S.R.; Turner, J.
In: Weather and Forecasting, 14, No. 6, 811-816
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Reserve a copy 12. Antarctic meteorology and climatology (1997)
King, J.C.; Turner, J.
ISBN: 0521465605
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  13. Antarctic Peninsula climate variability and its causes as revealed by analysis of instrumental records
King, J.C.; Turner, J.; Marshall, G.J.; Connolley, W.M.; Lachlan-Cope, T.A.
In: Antarctic Research Series, 79, 17-30
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  14. Antarctic winter tropospheric warming - the potential role of polar stratospheric clouds, a sensitivity study
Lachlan-Cope, T.A.; Connolley, W.M.; Turner, J.; ROSCOE, H.K.; Marshall, G.J.; COLWELL, S.R.; HOPFNER, M.; INGRAM, W.J.
In: Atmospheric Science Letters, Oct 2009
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  15. The ARAMIS remote sensing system
Turner, J.
In: British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, No. 76, 75-85
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  16. An Arctic and Antarctic perspective on recent climate change
Turner, J.; OVERLAND, J.E.; WALSH, J.E.
In: International Journal of Climatology, 27, No. 3, 277-293
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  17. Aspects of modern Antarctic meteorology and climatology
Turner, J.
In: Archives of Natural History, 32, Pt. 2, 334-345
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  18. An assessment of operational Antarctic analyses based on data from the FROST project
Turner, J.; LEONARD, S.; Marshall, G.J.; POOK, M.; COWLED, L.; JARDINE, R.; PENDLEBURY, S.; ADAMS, N.
In: Weather and Forecasting, 14, No. 6, 817-834
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  19. An assessment of three automatic depression tracking schemes
LEONARD, S.R.; Turner, J.; VAN DER WAL, A.
In: Meteorological Applications, 6, 173-183
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  20. An assessment of UK Meteorological Office numerical weather prediction analyses and forecasts for the Antarctic
LEONARD, S.; Turner, J.; MILTON, S.
In: Antarctic Science, 9, No. 1, 100-109
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