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  1. The adrenocortical response to stress in incubating magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus)
HOOD, L.C.; Boersma, P.D.; Wingfield, J.C.
In: Auk, 115, No. 1, 76-84
HOOD, L.C. (Author)598.45ArticleAdd To Basket
  2. Adrenocortical response to stress in the common diving petrel, Pelecanoides urinatrix
SMITH, G.T.; Wingfield, J.C.; VEIT, R.R.
In: Physiological Zoology, 67, No. 2, 526-537
SMITH, G.T. (Author)598.421.1ArticleAdd To Basket
  3. Androgens and mating systems: testosterone-induced polygyny in normally monogamous birds
Wingfield, J.C.
In: Auk, 101, 665-671
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  4. Contributions of bird studies to biology
KONISHI, M.; EMLEN, S.T.; Ricklefs, R.E.; Wingfield, J.C.
In: Science, 246, No. 4929, 465-472
KONISHI, M. (Author)598.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  5. The corticosterone stress response in gentoo and king penguins during the non-fasting period
HOLBERTON, R.L.; HELMUTH, B.; Wingfield, J.C.
In: Condor, 98, No. 4, 850-854
HOLBERTON, R.L. (Author)598.45ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. Dynamics of food availability, body condition and physiological stress response in breeding black-legged kittiwakes
KITAYSKY, A.S.; Wingfield, J.C.; Piatt, J.F.
In: Functional Ecology, 13, No. 5, 577-584
KITAYSKY, A.S. (Author)598.422.1ArticleAdd To Basket
  7. Endocrinology of reproduction in wild species (1993)
Wingfield, J.C.; FARNER, D.S.
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Wingfield, J.C. (Author)598.2ChapterAdd To Basket
  8. Hormonal and reproductive effects of low levels of petroleum fouling in magellanic penguins Spheniscus magellanicus)
FOWLER, G.S.; Wingfield, J.C.; Boersma, P.D.
In: Auk, 112, No. 2, 382-389
FOWLER, G.S. (Author)598.45ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. Reproductive endocrinology and weight change in relation to reproductive success in the magellanic penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus)
FOWLER, G.S.; Wingfield, J.C.; Boersma, P.D.; SOSA, R.A.
In: General and Comparative Endocrinology, 94, 305-315
FOWLER, G.S. (Author)598.45ArticleAdd To Basket
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