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  1. Adelieledone, a new genus of octopodid from the Southern Ocean
ALLCOCK, A.L.; Hochberg, F.G.; Rodhouse, P.G.; Thorpe, J.P.
In: Antarctic Science, 15, No. 4, 415-424
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  2. Biology of the cirrate octopod Grimpoteuthis glacialis (Cephalopoda; Opisthoteuthididae) in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica
Vecchione, M.; Piatkowski, U.; ALLCOCK, A.L.
In: South African Journal of Marine Science, 20, 421-428
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  3. Cephalopods of the South Georgia slope
Collins, M.A.; ALLCOCK, A.L.; Belchier, M.
In: Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 84, No. 2, 415-419
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  4. Cryptic speciation and the circumpolarity debate: a case study on endemic Southern Ocean octopuses using the COI barcode of life
ALLCOCK, A.L.; BARRATT, I.; ELEAUME, M.; Linse, K.; NORMAN, M.D.; Smith, P.J.; STEINKE, D.; STEVENS, D.W.; Strugnell, J.M.
In: Deep-Sea Research Part II, 58, No. 1-2, 242-249
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  5. Distribution of Pareledone spp. (Octopodidae: Eledoninae) around South Georgia
YAU, C.; ALLCOCK, A.L.; DALY, H.I.; Collins, M.A.
In: Bulletin of Marine Science, 71, No. 2, 993-1002
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  6. Female reproductive biology of two sympatric incirrate octopod species, Adelieledone polymorpha (Robson 1930) and Pareledone turqueti (Joubin 1905) (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae), from South Georgia
In: Polar Biology, 31, No. 5, 583-594
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Reserve a copy 7. The genetics and taxonomy of Southern Ocean Octopodidae, with special reference to the genus Pareledone (1997)
Copies: 2
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  8. How useful are the recommended counts and indices in the systematics of the Octopodidae (Mollusca: Cephalopoda)
ALLCOCK, A.L.; Strugnell, J.M.; JOHNSON, M.P.
In: Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 95, No. 1, 205-218
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  9. Molecular evolutionary relationships of the octopodid genus Thaumeledone (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) from the Southern Ocean
Strugnell, J.M.; Collins, M.A.; ALLCOCK, A.L.
In: Antarctic Science, 20, No. 3, 245-251
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  10. A new species of Pareledone (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) from Antarctic Peninsula waters
ALLCOCK, A.L.; Strugnell, J.M.; PRODOHL, P.; Piatkowski, U.; Vecchione, M.
In: Polar Biology, 30, No. 7, 883-893
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  11. A redescription of Graneledone verrucosa (Verrill, 1881) (Octopoda: Octopodidae)
ALLCOCK, A.L.; Collins, M.A.; Vecchione, M.
In: Journal of Molluscan Studies (BAS), 69, 135-143
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  12. Redescription of the deep-sea octopod Benthoctopus normani (Massy 1907) and a description of a new species from the northeast Atlantic
ALLCOCK, A.L.; Strugnell, J.M.; RUGGIERO, H.; Collins, M.A.
In: Marine Biology Research, 2, No. 6, 372-387
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  13. Restricted gene flow and evolutionary divergence between geographically separated populations of the Antarctic octopus Pareledone turqueti
ALLCOCK, A.L.; Brierley, A.S.; Thorpe, J.P.; Rodhouse, P.G.
In: Marine Biology, 129, No. 1, 97-102
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  14. The role of beak shape in octopodid taxonomy
OGDEN, R.S.; ALLCOCK, A.L.; WATTS, P.C.; Thorpe, J.P.
In: South African Journal of Marine Science, 20, 29-36
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  15. The Southern Ocean: Source and sink?
STRUGNELL, J.; CHEREL, Y.; Cooke, I.R.; GLEADALL, I.G.; Hochberg, F.G.; IBANEZ, C.M.; LAPTIKHOVSKY, V.V.; Linse, K.; NORMAN, M.; Vecchione, M.; VOIGHT, J.R.; ALLCOCK, A.L.; Jorgensen, E.
In: Deep-Sea Research Part II, 58, No. 1-2, 196-204
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  16. A study on octopodids from the eastern Weddell Sea, Antarctica
ALLCOCK, A.L.; Piatkowski, U.; Rodhouse, P.G.; Thorpe, J.P.
In: Polar Biology, 24, No. 11, 832-838
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  17. Thaumeledone and other deep water octopodids from the Southern Ocean
ALLCOCK, A.L.; Collins, M.A.; Piatkowski, U.; Vecchione, M.; Hochberg, F.G.
In: Deep-Sea Research Part II, 51, No. 14-16, 1883-1901
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  18. The thermohaline expressway: the Southern Ocean as a centre of origin for deep-sea octopuses
Strugnell, J.M.; Rogers, A.D.; PRODOHL, P.A.; Collins, M.A.; ALLCOCK, A.L.
In: Cladistics, 24, No. 6, 853-860
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