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  1. Accumulation of stranded plastic objects and other artefacts at Inaccessible Island, central South Atlantic Ocean
Ryan, P.G.; Watkins, B.P.
In: South African Journal of Antarctic Research, 18, No. 1, 11-29
Ryan, P.G. (Author)502.55ArticleAdd To Basket
  2. The Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels: implications for research and monitoring at the Prince Edward Islands
Cooper, J.; Ryan, P.G.
In: South African Journal of Science, 97, 78-79
Cooper, J. (Author)598.421ArticleAdd To Basket
  3. Albatross overlap with fisheries in the Benguela Upwelling System: implications for conservation and management
PETERSEN, S.L.; Phillips, R.A.; Ryan, P.G.; UNDERHILL, L.G.
In: Endangered Species Research, 5, No. 2-3, 117-127
PETERSEN, S.L. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  4. At-sea distribution of breeding Tristan albatrosses Diomedea dabbenena and potential interactions with pelagic longline fishing in the South Atlantic Ocean
CUTHBERT, R.; Hilton, G.; Ryan, P.G.; TUCK, G.N.
In: Biological Conservation, 121, 345-355
CUTHBERT, R. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  5. Between air and water: the plunge dive of the Cape gannet Morus capensis
Ropert-Coudert, Y.; GREMILLET, D.; Ryan, P.G.; KATO, A.; Naito, Y.; Le Maho, Y.
In: Ibis, 146, No. 2, 281-290
Ropert-Coudert, Y. (Author)598.432ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 6. Biological survey of Robertskollen, western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. A report to the South African Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (1988)
Ryan, P.G.; Watkins, B.P.
Copies: 1
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  7. Biological survey of Robertskollen, western Dronning Maud Land: area description and preliminary species lists
Ryan, P.G.; Watkins, B.P.; Smith, R.I.L.; DASTYCH, H.; EICKER, A.; Foissner, W.; HEATWOLE, H.; MILLER, W.R.; Thompson, G.
In: South African Journal of Antarctic Research, 19, No. 1, 10-20
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  8. Breeding frequency in grey-headed albatrosses Thalassarche crysostoma
Ryan, P.G.; Phillips, R.A.; NEL, D.C.; WOOD, A.G.
In: Ibis, 149, No. 1, 45-52
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. Changes in population size, habitat use and breeding biology of lesser sheathbills (Chionis minor) at Marion Island: impacts of cats, mice and climate change?
HUYSER, O.; Ryan, P.G.; Cooper, J.
In: Biological Conservation, 92, No. 3, 299-310
HUYSER, O. (Author)598.331.1ArticleAdd To Basket
  10. Counts of surface-nesting seabirds breeding at Prince Edward Island, summer 2001/02
Ryan, P.G.; Cooper, J.; DYER, B.M.; UNDERHILL, L.G.; CRAWFORD, R.J.M.; BESTER, M.N.
In: African Journal of Marine Science, 25, 441-451
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. Demography and conservation of the Tristan albatross Diomedea [exulans] dabbenena
CUTHBERT, R.; SOMMER, E.; Ryan, P.G.; Cooper, J.; Hilton, G.
In: Biological Conservation, 117, No. 5, 471-481
CUTHBERT, R. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  12. Differential digestion rates of prey by white-chinned petrels (Procellaria aequinoctialis)
JACKSON, S.; Ryan, P.G.
In: Auk, 103, No. 3, 617-619
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  13. The distribution and abundance of aerial seabirds in relation to Antarctic krill in the Prydz Bay, region, Antarctica, during late summer
Ryan, P.G.; Cooper, J.
In: Polar Biology, 10, No. 3, 199-209
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  14. Distribution, population size and conservation of the Antarctic tern Sterna vittata in southern Africa
BROOKE, R.K.; Cooper, J.; HOCKEY, P.A.R.; Ryan, P.G.; SINCLAIR, J.C.; SUTER, W.; TREE, A.J.
In: Cormorant, 16, No. 2, 107-113
BROOKE, R.K. (Author)598.422.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  15. The distribution, population size and foraging behaviour of Kerguelen terns at the Prince Edward Islands
Ryan, P.G.
In: South African Journal of Antarctic Research, 17, No. 2, 163-166
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  16. Diving birds in cold water: do Archimedes and Boyle determine energetic costs?
Wilson, R.P.; HUSTLER, K.; Ryan, P.G.; BURGER, A.E.; NOLDEKE, E.C.
In: American Naturalist, 140, No. 2, 179-200
Wilson, R.P. (Author)598.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  17. Effects of ornithogenic products on ecosystem structure and functioning: a new South African Biological Antarctic Research Subprogramme
Cooper, J.; SIEGFRIED, W.R.; Ryan, P.G.; STOCK, W.D.
In: South African Journal of Science, 87, 223-226
Cooper, J. (Author)574.44ArticleAdd To Basket
  18. Exploitation of mesoscale oceanographic features by grey-headed albatross Thalassarche chrysostoma in the southern Indian Ocean
NEL, D.C.; Lutjeharms, J.R.E.; PAKHOMOV, E.A.; ANSORGE, I.J.; Ryan, P.G.; KLAGES, N.T.W.
In: Marine Ecology Progress Series, 217, 15-26
NEL, D.C. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  19. Foraging ecology of grey-headed mollymawks at Marion Island, southern Indian Ocean, in relation to longline fishing activity
NEL, D.C.; NEL, J.L.; Ryan, P.G.; KLAGES, N.T.W.; Wilson, R.P.; Robertson, G.
In: Biological Conservation, 96, No. 2, 219-231
NEL, D.C. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  20. The impact of the hake Merluccius spp. longline fishery off South Africa on procellariiform seabirds
In: Biological Conservation, 82, 227-234
BARNES, K.N. (Author)598.421.3ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 21. Inaccessible Island Nature Reserve management plan (2001)
Ryan, P.G.; GLASS, J.P.
Copies: 1
Ryan, P.G. (Author)502.7Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 22. Inaccessible Island seabird monitoring manual (2005)
Ryan, P.G.
ISBN: 190193070X
Copies: 2
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.4Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  23. Individual variability of behavioural responses by wandering albatrosses (Diomedea exulans) to human disturbance
de VILLIERS, M.; Cooper, J.; Ryan, P.G.
In: Polar Biology, 28, No. 4, 255-260
de VILLIERS, M. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  24. The influence of physical factors and ornithogenic products on plant and arthropod abundance at an inland nunatak group in Antarctica
Ryan, P.G.; Watkins, B.P.
In: Polar Biology, 10, No. 2, 151-160
Ryan, P.G. (Author)574.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  25. Intraspecific mimicry and status signals in juvenile African penguins
Ryan, P.G.; Wilson, R.P.; Cooper, J.
In: Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 20, 69-76
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.45ArticleAdd To Basket
  26. Intraspecific variation in plastic ingestion by seabirds and the flux of plastic through seabird populations
Ryan, P.G.
In: Condor, 90, No. 2, 446-452
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  27. The lifespan of ingested plastic particles in seabirds and their effect on digestive efficiency
Ryan, P.G.; JACKSON, S.
In: Marine pollution bulletin, 18, No. 3, 217-219
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Reserve a copy 28. Management plan for the Gough Island wildlife reserve (1994)
Cooper, J.; Ryan, P.G.
ISBN: 0903359383
Copies: 1
Cooper, J. (Author)502.7Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  29. Modelling the impact of fishery incidental mortality on three populations of wandering albatross (2004)
TUCK, G.N.; POLACHECK, T.; Croxall, J.P.; Weimerskirch, H.; Ryan, P.G.; NEL, D.C.; WAYTE, S.; BULMAN, C.M.
Copies: 1
TUCK, G.N. (Author)598.421.2ChapterAdd To Basket
  30. New information on seabirds at Inaccessible Island and other islands in the Tristan da Cunha group
Ryan, P.G.; DEAN, W.R.J.; MOLONEY, C.L.; Watkins, B.P.; MILTON, S.J.
In: Marine Ornithology, 18, Nos. 1/ 2, 43-54
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  31. Notes on Tardigrada from western Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica) with a description of two new species
DASTYCH, H.; Ryan, P.G.; Watkins, B.P.
In: Entomologische Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum Hamburg, 10, No. 139/ 140, 57-66
DASTYCH, H. (Author)595.412ArticleAdd To Basket
  32. The origin and fate of artefacts stranded on islands in the African sector of the Southern Ocean
Ryan, P.G.
In: Environmental Conservation, 14, No. 4, 341-346
Ryan, P.G. (Author)502.55ArticleAdd To Basket
  33. Phylogeography of the southern skua complex - rapid colonization of the southern hemisphere during a glacial period and reticulate evolution
RITZ, M.S.; MILLAR, C.D.; Miller, G.D.; Phillips, R.A.; Ryan, P.G.; STERNKOPF, V.; LIEBERS-HELBIG, D.; PETER, H.-U.
In: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 49, No. 1, 292-303
RITZ, M.S. (Author)598.423ArticleAdd To Basket
  34. Population dynamics of the wandering albatross Diomedea exulans at Marion Island: longline fishing and environmental influences
NEL, D.C.; Taylor, F.; Ryan, P.G.; Cooper, J.
In: African Journal of Marine Science, 25, 503-517
NEL, D.C. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  35. Population numbers of fur seals at Prince Edward Island, Southern Ocean
BESTER, M.N.; Ryan, P.G.; DYER, B.M.
In: African Journal of Marine Science, 25, 549-554
BESTER, M.N. (Author)599.745.1ArticleAdd To Basket
  36. Population trends of albatrosses and petrels at sub-Antarctic Marion Island
NEL, D.C.; Ryan, P.G.; CRAWFORD, R.J.M.; Cooper, J.; HUYSER, O.A.W.
In: Polar Biology, 25, No. 2, 81-89
NEL, D.C. (Author)598.421ArticleAdd To Basket
  37. Post-breeding dispersal of northern giant petrels Macronectes halli from Marion to Bouvet Islands
KEITH, D.G.; HARCK, B.I.B.; Ryan, P.G.; MEHLUM, F.
In: Marine Ornithology, 30, No. 1, 31
KEITH, D.G. (Author)598.421.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  38. Prey selection and temporal variation in the diet of subantarctic skuas at Inaccessible Island, Tristan da Cunha
Ryan, P.G.; MOLONEY, C.L.
In: Ostrich, 62, No. 1-2, 52-58
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.423ArticleAdd To Basket
  39. Radiocarbon dates of snow petrel regurgitations can reveal exposure periods for nunataks in Antarctica
Ryan, P.G.; STEELE, W.K.; SIEGFRIED, W.R.; Vogel, J.C.
In: South African Journal of Science, 88, 578-580
Ryan, P.G. (Author)550.93ArticleAdd To Basket
  40. Reducing incidental mortality of seabirds with an underwater longline setting funnel
Ryan, P.G.; Watkins, B.P.
In: Biological Conservation, 104, 127-131
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  41. A review of conservation threats on Gough Island: a case study for terrestrial conservation in the Southern Oceans
JONES, A.G.; Chown, S.L.; Ryan, P.G.; Gremmen, N.J.M.; GASTON, K.J.
In: Biological Conservation, 113, 75-87
JONES, A.G. (Author)502.7ArticleAdd To Basket
  42. Rockhopper penguins and other marine life threatened by driftnet fisheries at Tristan da Cunha
Ryan, P.G.; Cooper, J.
In: Oryx, 25, No. 2, 76-79
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.45ArticleAdd To Basket
  43. Seabird consumption and production in the Benguela and western Agulhas ecosystems
CRAWFORD, R.J.M.; Ryan, P.G.; Williams, A.J.
In: South African Journal of Marine Science, 11, 357-375
CRAWFORD, R.J.M. (Author)598.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  44. Seabird mortality in the Patagonian toothfish longline fishery around the Prince Edward Islands, 1996-2000
NEL, D.C.; Ryan, P.G.; Watkins, B.P.
In: Antarctic Science, 14, No. 2, 151-161
NEL, D.C. (Author)598.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  45. Separating albatrosses: Tristan or wandering?
Ryan, P.G.
In: Africa Birds and Birding, 5, No. 4, 35-39
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  46. Separating the Tristan albatross and the wandering albatross using morphometric measurements
CUTHBERT, R.J.; Phillips, R.A.; Ryan, P.G.
In: Waterbirds, 26, No. 3, 338-344
CUTHBERT, R.J. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  47. Sexual dimorphism, moult and body condition of seabirds killed by longline vessels around the Prince Edward Islands, 1996-97
Ryan, P.G.
In: Ostrich, 70, No. 3-4, 187-192
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  48. Sharing food in the stomachs of seabirds between adults and chicks - a case for delayed gastric emptying
Wilson, R.P.; Ryan, P.G.; Wilson, M.-P.
In: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, 94A, No. 3, 461-466
Wilson, R.P. (Author)598.45ArticleAdd To Basket
  49. Snow petrel breeding biology at an inland site in continental Antarctica
Ryan, P.G.; Watkins, B.P.
In: Colonial Waterbirds, 12, No. 2, 176-184
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.421.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  50. Speciation and phylogeography of giant petrels Macronectes
TECHOW, N.M.S.M.; O'RYAN, C.; Phillips, R.A.; GALES, R.; MARIN, M.; PATTERSON-FRASER, D.; QUINTANA, F.; RITZ, M.S.; THOMPSON, D.R.; WANLESS, R.M.; Weimerskirch, H.; Ryan, P.G.
In: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 54, No. 2, 472-487
TECHOW, N.M.S.M. (Author)598.421.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  51. The status of spectacled petrels Procellaria conspicillata and other seabirds at Inaccessible Island
Ryan, P.G.; MOLONEY, C.L.
In: Marine Ornithology, 28, No. 2, 93-100
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  52. Stomach pumping: is killing seabirds necessary?
Ryan, P.G.; JACKSON, S.
In: Auk, 103, 427-428
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  53. The taxonomic and conservation status of the spectacled petrel Procellaria conspicillata
Ryan, P.G.
In: Bird Conservation International, 8, No. 3, 223-235
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.421.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  54. The use of great skua pellets as indicators of plastic pollution in seabirds
Ryan, P.G.; FRASER, M.W.
In: Emu, 88, Pt. 1, 16-19
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.423ArticleAdd To Basket
  55. Wreck of juvenile blackbrowed albatrosses on the west coast of South Africa during storm weather
Ryan, P.G.; AVERY, G.
In: Ostrich, 58, No. 3, 139-140
Ryan, P.G. (Author)598.421.2ArticleAdd To Basket
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