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  1. Crustal origin for the Parana rhyolites: discussion of 'Description and petrogenesis of the Parana rhyolites, southern Brazil' by Garland et al. (1995)
Harris, C.; Milner, S.
In: Journal of Petrology, 38, No. 2, 299-302
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Reserve a copy 2. Cryospheric systems: glaciers and permafrost (2005)
Harris, C.; Murton, J.B.
ISBN: 1862391750
Copies: 1
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  3. Early Cretaceous basaltic and rhyolitic magmatism in southern Uruguay associated with the opening of the South Atlantic
KIRSTEIN, L.A.; PEATE, D.W.; Hawkesworth, C.J.; TURNER, S.P.; Harris, C.; MANTOVANI, M.S.M.
In: Journal of Petrology, 41, No. 9, 1413-1438
KIRSTEIN, L.A. (Author)552.331ArticleAdd To Basket
  4. Geology and petrogenesis of the Straumsvola nepheline syenite complex, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Harris, C.; Grantham, G.H.
In: Geological Magazine, 130, No. 4, 513-531
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  5. Origins of large volume rhyolitic volcanism in the Antarctic Peninsula and Patagonia by crustal melting
Riley, T.R.; Leat, P.T.; Pankhurst, R.J.; Harris, C.
In: Journal of Petrology, 42, No. 6, 1043-1065
Riley, T.R. (Author)552.33ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. The oxygen isotope geochemistry of the Karoo and Etendeka Volcanic Provinces of southern Africa
Harris, C.
In: South African Journal of Geology, 98, No. 2, 126-139
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  7. The petrogenesis of the Kirwan basalts of Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Harris, C.; MARSH, J.S.; DUNCAN, A.R.; Erlank, A.J.
In: Journal of Petrology, 31, No. 2, 341-369
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  8. Petrogenesis of the Mesozoic Sistefjell syenite intrusion, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica and surrounding low-delta18O lavas
Harris, C.; JOHNSTONE, W.P.; Phillips, D.
In: South African Journal of Geology, 105, No. 3, 205-226
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  9. Runoff and tidal influences on the estuarine turbidity maximum of a highly turbid system : the upper Humber and Ouse Estuary, UK
Uncles, R.J.; Stephens, J.A.; Harris, C.
In: In: Marine Geology Vol. 235 pt/no 1-4 (2006) p. 213-228, p. 213-228
Uncles, R.J. (Author)03465Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
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